Shoremaster Docking Prices

Shoremaster Dock Pricing List
Bickford's Sport Center
(603) 736-9050
Dock SectionsPriceSale Price
4’x10’ Cedar Section $1,062.00$956.00
4'x10' White Painted Aluminum Section$1,452.00
4'x10' Vertex Section$1,342.00$1,200.00
4'x10' Wood Grain Aluminum Sections$1,567.00$1,400.00
4'X10' Flow Through Sections$1,222.00$1,100.00
6'x8' Cedar Section$1,325.00$1,195.00
6'x8' Wood Grain Alum Section$1,793.00$1,615.00
4'x4' Cedar Section (includes 2-pockets,2- pads & panel)$664.00
4'x4' Wht. Painted Alum. (2-pockets, 2 pads & panel)$811.00
4'x4' Wood Grain Aluminum Section (2-pockets,2-pads)$860.00
4'x4' Flow Through w/ foot pads, pockets & hardware$719.00
4'x4' Vertex Dock Section (2-pockets, 2-pads & panel)$752.00

Docks or Panels Only

2'x4' Cedar panel only$70.00
2'x4' vertex panel$126.00
2'x4' Flow Through Panel$102.00
2'x'4'Painted Alum panel only$148.00
2'x4' Wood Grain Alum panel only$171.00
6'x8' Cedar panel$137.00
6'x8' Woodgrain Alum panel$261.00
4x10 Frame only w/ hardware and pockets, foot pads$712.00
4x4 Frame only w/ pockets, foot pads & hardware$519.00
6x8Frame only w/ hardware and pockets, foot pads$858.00

Hardware, Pockets, Braces, Bumpers,Cleats,Lights

U-clips w/ hardware (pair)$41.00
QC Brackets(Each)$34.00
Infinity Dock Pocket$68.00
Foot Pad$34.00
Hinge Assy. (Use this hinge if using a 4x10 as a ramp)$240.00
Heavy Duty Brace (each) (replaced dbl. Pocket)$189.00
Deep Water Brace (Pair)$154.00
6' Heavy Duty Brace for 6x8 Dock Section`$173.00
Vertical Dock Bumpers w/ QC Brackets (blu, wht, tan)$160.00
Horizontal Adapter for Vertical Bumper$13.00
Vertical Bumper Pad Only$56.00
Flag Holder w/ 1 QC Acc. Bracket$92.00
QC Dock Cleat$22.00
QC Umbrella Holder (requires 1 QC bracket)$52.00
Uni Dock 10' Hand Rail (requires 3 QC brackets)$428.00
Corner Dock Bumper (Blue) (Wht) (Tan)$33.00
10' Dock Bumper  $75.00
Pair of Solar Dock Lights$50.00
Double Kayak Arm Kit$159.00
QC Canoe/Kayak Rack w/ Brackets(2)$295.00
QC Fishign Rod Holder w/ Bracket (1)$79.00
20' Flag pole w/ 3x5 flag, holder, & QC bracket$646.00$580.00
Axles Kits for Poly Tires to Add to A Dock$45.00
Poly Tires$64.00

LegsPriceSale Price
3' Leg$29.00
5' Leg$45.00
7' Leg$57.00
9' Leg$68.00
12' Leg$91.00

Stairs and Benches

4 Step Dock Stairs w/handrail & 2 QC Brackets$656.00
6 Step Dock Stairs w/handrail & 2 QC Brackets$797.00
QC Off Deck Tan Bench w/ 2 QC Brackets$410.00
Bench Arm Rest w/ Cup Holders$159.00
Corners and Curves

Vertex Corner Section$398.00
Cedar Corner Section$297.00
Flow Through Corner Section$381.00
Wood Grain Alum Corner Section$398.00
White Painted Aluminum Corner Section$521.00$300.00
Corner Frame only w/ hardware$227.00
45 Curve Section with Cedar$375.00

90 RS4 Curve w/ Cedar$506.00
90 RS4 Curve w/ Flow Through$761.00
90 RS4 Curve w/ Vertex$624.00
90 Uni-Curve w/ Wht. Painted Aluminum$616.00
90 Uni-Curve w/ Woodgrain Aluminum$692.00
90 Uni-Curve Frame Only w/ hardware$328.00
Curve Single Leg Pocket$64.00

Ramps and Ladders

4' Cedar Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Brackets$493.00
8' Cedar Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Brackets$890.00
4' Flow Through Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Brackets$557.00
8' Flow Through Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Brackaets$1,018.00
4' Aluminum Wht. Painted Ramp w/bolt bag & 2 QC Brack.$649.00
8' Aluminum Wht. Painted Ramp w/bolt bag & 2 QC Brack.$1200.00
4' Wood Grain Alum Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Bracket$695.00
8' Wood Grain Alum Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Bracket$1,226.00
4' Vertex Ramp w/ bolt bag & 2 QC Brackets$605.00
8' Vertex Ramp w/ hardware & 2 QC Brackets$1,114.00
6' x 8' Cedar Ramp w/ hardware & 2 QC Brackets$1,311.00
6' x 8" Wood Grain Alum Ramp w/ Hardware & QC Brack$1,807.00
QC Ramp Side Conn. Kit$29.00
3 Step Ladder w/2 QC Brackets$329.00
4 Step Ladder w/2 QC Brackets$391.00
5 Step Ladder w/2 QC Brackets$485.00

Poly, Cedar, RipPriceSale Price
7'x9' Poly Raft w/ ladder (Gray, Yellow, Tan)$1395.00$1,255.00
8'x8' Cedar Swim Raft w/ 3-step ladder$2,446.00$2,200.00
3 Step Swim Raft Ladder Only$312.00

Poly Rip Raft w/ Jumping Platform & Connector (Yel)$1,400.00$1,200.00
Rip Raft 2 Step Ladder$200.00$180.00

2' x 4' x 12" Black Floats for Docks$140.00
21 x 35 x 12 Black Floats for Swim Rafts$125.00

Poly Docks, Connectors, Ramps, Ladders, Acc.PriceSale Price
4'x10' Poly Floating Dock$1,373.00$1,240.00
6'x8' Poly Floating Dock$1,730.00
4' End Connetion$205.00
10' Side ConnectoR$439.00
Poly Pipe Bracket Lg.$227.00
4' Poly Corner w/ Connectors$530.00
Poly Vertical Bumper w/ Bracket 6" Plate$201.00
QC Flag Pole Holder w/ 1-6" Acc. Conn. Plate$139.00
Poly Dock Cleat$20.00
Poly Dock 6" Accessory Connector$75.00
Off-Deck Bench w/ bench Connection Plates$569.00
Off-Deck Bench Arm Rest & Cup Holders$159.00
3' Step Ladder w/connector$411.00
4' Cedar Ramp W/ Connector$607.00
8' Cedar Ramp W/ Connector$1,000.00
Chain Anchor Plate w/6"Access. Plate$127.00

Poly Shoreport and Acc.

Poly Shoreport 1150# Capacity$1,605.00$1,445.00
Stand Off Plate (Pr.) To connect to free standing dock$296.00
Single Hinge Assy. (pair)$439.00
Front Med. Pipe Bracket$144.00
Rear Pipe Bracket (Small)$91.00
Rear Side Connector$80.00
Front Side Connector$132.00
Pipe Auger for 2" pipe$29.00
Sale Price
1200 PWC Cantilever Lift w/ 8' Bunks$1,589.00$1,430.00

Double V-Side Vertical

3010 DVS Lift w/ Wheel$4,719.00$4,250.00
4010 DVS Lift w/Wheel$5,364.00$4,830.00
5010 DVS Lift w/ Wheel$6,633.00$5,970.00

Canopy Frame and VinylPriceSale Price

25 x 120 Vinyl (Green)$945.00$850.00
23 x 120 Frame w/Legs$1,846.00$1,660.00
25 x 120 frame w/Legs$1,958.00$1,765.00

Bunks, Cradles, Guide ons, EPU Mount

Boat Lift Boss w/ Wireless Remote 12/24 Volt$1,384.00$1,250.00
Boat Lift Boss w/ Hand Held Remote 12/24 Volt$1,127.00$1,015.00
Boat Lift Boss w/ Wireless Remote 120 V$1,305.00$1,100.00

11' Full Length Alum/Vinyl Bunks (pair)$644.00
14' Full Length Alum/Vinyl Bunks (pair)$929.00
Full Length Guide Alum/Carpeted Wood - 11' (pr.)$679.00
Pontoon Rail Kit (Set of 4) Less Wood$519.00
Pontoon Racks (set of 4)$667.00
Adjustable Motor Stop$193.00
Adjustable Motor Stop Pontoon V-Rack$326.00
Battery Tray Complete$98.00
Solar Panel 10 Watt w/ Bracket & Hardware$251.00
Wheel Caddy w/ tires & hardware$729.00
Poly Tires (each)$64.00

Table, 2- Chairs, Umbrella & 3 QC Brackets$953.00$860.00

Beachcomber Lake Rack$120.00