BOTE- Go anywhere. Do anything. BOTES inflatable line brings you the durability and stability you want in a kayak, paddle board, or dock with the packability you need for easy transport and storage.
Whether you are just getting into paddle sports or looking to upgrade your equipment with some of the newer technology, we’ve got you covered! Our inflatable BOTE products and accessories are perfect for fitness, leisure, fishing, and more.

Come in to see our complete lineup of BOTE products.

Pictured: Flood Aero 11’ Full Trax with Magnepod technology (so you don’t lose your beverage) Rac compatible to easily turn your paddle board into your fishing ride. Sup paddle seat compatibility to turn your paddle board into a sit-down paddle vessel.

Pictured: Zeppelin Aero 12’6” Verge Camo with:

  • Magnepod technology
  • Rac compatible
  • Tandem or single paddler capabilities
  • Travel bag included with all inflatable kayaks.

Pictured: Inflatable Dock 10 Classic
Lightweight and portable, the Dock 10 is perfect as a swim platform, outdoor yoga platform, or portable dock!