"We cover the Waterfront!"

ShoreMaster has created the most beautiful and versatile waterfront equipment in the industry. We at Bickford’s strive to sell quality and have picked a winner here. Like our other products, we stand behind ShoreMaster with our two feet planted. We can build any configuration you can dream up and offer a vast amount of accessories to go along with it. Drop what you’re doing and head on down here.

We carry a wide variety of inventory of aluminum docks, swim rafts and boat lifts. This will allow you to decide on the configuration that fits your needs and get it out in the water FAST! Choose from diverse decking options. These docks have a 15 year warranty on them so they are sure to last! Contact us today or stop by our dealership in Epsom.

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Premium Waterfront Systems

As an industry leader of over 45 years, they stand behind their products. ShoreMaster's reputation is one that has been built on trust and quality. Superior construction, distinctive design, and infinite versatility are what make their waterfront systems and products different for the rest of the industry. Trust ShoreMaster to help you make the most of your time on the water.

Want to Design Your Own Dock??

ShoreMaster Docks at Bockfor's Sports Center

Shown: Two 4x10 aluminum sections w/ removable cedar decking in a L-type configuration.
Accessories attached include: cedar dock bench, 3-step ladder, 4' ramp, cedar corner.

ShoreMaster Docks at Bockfor's Sports Center

Shown: Four 4x10 poly floating dock in a L-type configuration.

ShoreMaster Docks at Bockfor's Sports Center

Shown: A vertical lift with vinyl bunks and carpeted guide-ons.